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1997 Casio GT-000 G-Cool

$65.00 AUD

The G-Cool series marked a very 1990s attempt by Casio to make the typical bulky, tool-like G-Shock more sleek and fashion forward. This attempt was not wholly successful at the time, but these models remain a unique prospect for Casio collectors who want to stray from the more common G-Shock lines.

This particular variant comes in navy/baby blue with a two-part elastic/nylon strap. At 45mm in diameter, it's not particularly sleek, but it is striking and very different to typical Casio offerings from this period. Currently in good cosmetic and functional condition. There is some discoloration on the inner part of the strap but it's still nice and supple and should last for a while yet.

45mm diameter
48mm lug to lug
15mm thick